6 Vegan and Plastic Free Shampoo-Bars for Your Precious Hair

Common cosmetic products consist largely of water and, due to their liquid, creamy or gel-like consistency, usually require heavy packaging. Shampoos, lotions and creams therefore generate a lot of unnecessary plastic waste. Many hair-care products also contain microplastics in a wide variety of forms that people would rather not smear on their skin or hair.Continue reading “6 Vegan and Plastic Free Shampoo-Bars for Your Precious Hair”


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Our Philosophy

I would like to dedicate Fairlution to my grandmother. I like to think all the advices, recipes, and guides to live more harmoniously with the natural world, could have given to you by your grandmother. 

For her it’s maybe just sharing what in her daily life felt ordinary, but seems extraordinary for us today.

With the advices given by us you’ll know more about how to make your own natural remedies, beauty and home products. You’ll know how to use simple ingredients from home or (if given) plants from your backyard. You’ll discover earth-conscious brands who are willing to make a change.

I hope this venture assists you in making those switches in every aspect of your domestic life.

“The effect of a billion people working together will not only be a huge political mandate for change – it will also buy us time to develop longterm sustainable solutions to defeat global warming.”

Julian Knight, chief executive of Global Cool


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