Minimalism and Sustainability in the Kitchen gained a lot of importance in the last two years. Since so much of our household waste came from food, it seemed a good place to start. To begin, you need to create a simple and minimalistic space that would help you to create less waste by consuming less.Continue reading “TRENDY AND ECO-FRIENDLY KITCHEN ORGANIZATION IDEAS, ACCORDING TO EXPERTS”


Starting your pursuit of zero-waste, sustainable and conscious living means looking carefully at how you consume and what kinds of waste that produces. Living that way is not something that we are born knowing how to do. Especially if you’re new to these topics a good non-fiction book will help you to manifest the ideaContinue reading “7 MUST HAVE BOOKS ABOUT CONSCIOUS AND SUSTAINABLE LIVING”

6 Vegan and Plastic Free Shampoo-Bars for Your Precious Hair

Common cosmetic products consist largely of water and, due to their liquid, creamy or gel-like consistency, usually require heavy packaging. Shampoos, lotions and creams therefore generate a lot of unnecessary plastic waste. Many hair-care products also contain microplastics in a wide variety of forms that people would rather not smear on their skin or hair.Continue reading “6 Vegan and Plastic Free Shampoo-Bars for Your Precious Hair”

Self-made hair conditioners for a healthy shine

General hair conditioners are connected with creamy and sweet-smelling hair care products that nurture the scalp and hair in a simple and quick way after shampooing them, smoothing them and helping them to shine more. Conventional conditioners, however, usually contain synthetic ingredients such as micro plastic and silicones. They rarely support a healing or evenContinue reading “Self-made hair conditioners for a healthy shine”

Break the shampoo habit – this is how the switch to natural hair care works!

Anyone who has recently turned their attention to the incomprehensible ingredients of their hair-care products has certainly landed informative websites and found skin-irritating, allergenic or even carcinogenic substances in body and hair care products. The use of microplastics (hidden behind cryptic names), silicones or anionic surfactants also makes you think and leads many to theContinue reading “Break the shampoo habit – this is how the switch to natural hair care works!”

Selfmade Face Scrub made Out of coffee grounds

There is always coffee grounds left over from your morning coffee – instead of throwing them away, you can use them to make a refreshing and moisturizing facial scrub! Unlike many commercial scrubs, the coffee scrub does not contain harmful microplastics and consists only of natural ingredients. Here are inexpensive facial & body scrub recipesContinue reading “Selfmade Face Scrub made Out of coffee grounds”

6 Best Sustainable Denim Brands making ethical jeans

Wearing denim jeans from the traditional denim and fashion industry is not just very toxic to your skin and the environment, but can also cause a terrible environmental footprint. Here’s why your next pair of jeans should definitely be fair-trade and sustainable and which brands you should consider to look after, when buying a pairContinue reading “6 Best Sustainable Denim Brands making ethical jeans”

Vegan treasure for your fingertips

Having a manicure and pedicure is one of many peoples favorite self-care practices. But finding a nail salon that uses nontoxic and natural products isn’t always easy.  Nail polish is a component of cosmetics that will certainly never go out of fashion. New trend colors come every season on the nails, usually they are orientedContinue reading “Vegan treasure for your fingertips”

6 organic and Natural under eye patches against dark circles

The areas around the eyes are thinner and drier than the rest of the face, therefore, in case of minor skin care and lack of sleep, dark circles, crow’s feet and general wrinkles will increase. After many days and nights of work, you not only feel lousy, you are unfortunately look like it. You have enoughContinue reading “6 organic and Natural under eye patches against dark circles”

the best 7 ORGANIC Skin Care And Beauty Brands for the DAILY glow

W3LL People Ethics: Made in small batches, plant powered, gluten free, cruelty free, clean, EWG verified. Price Range: $10-$60 Well People was founded by an elite make-up artist, cosmetic dermatologist and entrepreneur and making positive choices when it comes to plant based ingredients. There are well known for its Allure wining mascara. W3LL is providingContinue reading “the best 7 ORGANIC Skin Care And Beauty Brands for the DAILY glow”